Links and Resources

FatChanceBellyDance® – the creators of American Tribal Style®, the FCBD® website is the best resource for all things ATS®.

School of Ballet Arizona – open Adult classes taught at the School of Ballet Arizona.

Saroyan Mastercrafts – with a wide variety of zil types for different styles of playing, Saroyan Cymbals are great for novice and advanced dancers alike.

Flying Skirts of San Francisco – providing a variety of costuming pieces, many of which are suitable for ATS®. Their cholis are particularly comfortable and well-fitted.

Ramsey Method Project – a collaboration project spearheaded by Erin to allow for improv communication between dancers and musicians during a live set.

Links provided here are for reference only. They are not intended as an official endorsement by Kairos Tribal/ATS® Phoenix, and we do not own the content on linked pages.