Class Schedule

Wednesday 6:30pm-7:30pm
Saturday 10:00am-11:00am**
The School of Ballet Arizona
2835 E. Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Single Class $15
30-day Unlimited $100
10-class Card $120

*Beginner/Intermediate classes alternate a session covering all of the level 1/1+ syllabus and then a session covering all of the 2/2+ syllabus. See the Calendar for the current level being offered.

**Refer to current calendar for updates on Saturday class offerings


Class Descriptions

ATS® Curriculum Beginner/Intermediate class will focus on teaching the technique and use of moves from Level 1 and Level 2 ATS® system. Drop-ins are welcome!

ATS® Phoenix Beginner Syllabus

The beginner syllabus will include the following moves from the Level 1 ATS® curriculum. Level 1+ moves are more challenging.

Gratitude Meditation
Level 1 Slow Moves
Hand Floreo
Arm Undulations
Level 1+ Slow Moves
Torso Twist (Basic)
Circle Step (Basic)
Reverse Turn
Propeller Turn
Corkscrew Turn
Level 1 Fast Moves
Egyptian Step
Arabic Step
Pivot Bump/Choo-choo
Shimmy Step
Level 1+ Fast Moves
Double Bump
Single Bump
Reach and Sit
Chico Four Corners
Box Step (and turn)

ATS® Phoenix Intermediate Syllabus

The intermediate syllabus will include the following moves from the Level 2 ATS® curriculum. Level 2+ moves are more challenging.

Level 2 Slow
Walking Taxeem & Bodywave
Camel Walk
Ribcage Rotation
Reverse Taxeem
Head Slides
Torso Twist 1/2 Turn & 3-Point Turn
Circle Step 1/2 Turn & 3-Point Turn
Reverse Floreo
Level 2+ Slow
Pulse Turn
The Rainbow
Loco Camel
Medusa 1 (ATS version)
Levels (not full depth, no drops)
Wrap-around Turn
The Strong Arm, variations 1 and 2
Level 2 Fast
Turkish Shimmy
Turkish Shimmy 1/2 & 1/4 Turns
Turkish Shimmy with Arms & Turn (TSWAAT)
Arabic Hip Twist & 1/2 Turn
Single Bump 1/2 Turn
Choo Choo Arc Arms
Zils: Military Pattern
Up2 Down3 w/ Military Zil Pattern
Arabic Shimmy
Arabic Shimmy with Arms & Turn (ASWAAT)
Shoulder Shimmy Hip Drop Combo
Ghawazee Shimmy Combo
Egyptian Full Turn
Level 2+ Fast
ASWAAT Fade and Circle
Arabic Hip Twist Flourish
Arabic Hip Twist Flourish Fade & Circle
Push Forward and Back
Arabic with Double Turn
Triple Egyptian

ATS® Phoenix Special Topics and Jam Nights

Special topics and jam nights are fun opportunities to put our ATS® into practice and to explore topics that are outside of the ATS® curriculum. They will include, but are not limited to, topics like:

Musicality: bring your own!
Students choose their own music and prepare/lead an improvisational set.

ATS® Report Card
Students dance every move in their repertoire and receive constructive feedback. This exercise challenges students to use moves they are less comfortable with and to remember the variety of moves in their toolkit.

Meet a Drummer
Dancing to live music and collaborating with musicians is a whole new level of artistic expression. This topic includes instruction on the Ramsey Method of improvisational communication. Students learn about the rhythms used in Middle Eastern and African drumming and how to dance with a live musician.

Dancing in Flow®
No talk, just dance. This hour will consist of three 15-minute sets and 5 minute breaks…without any talking whatsoever! Students follow the flow leader and get to experience dancing in the moment.

Extended Puja
Students will learn the Extended Puja choreography by Devyani.

Balancing an object on your head is a great way to check your posture and adds a whole new level to your performance. Students will get to experience balancing a basket or sword.

Jam Nights
Exactly what it sounds like – we will get together and dance!